8in1 facial
8in1 facial

What is the 8 in 1 Super Facial??

Our brand new Super Facial treatment offers a complete skin care solution. It’s a gentle, non-invasive treatment which suitable for all skin types. It offers improved hydration, oxygenation, skin radiance and tightening while reducing skin congestion and boosting lymphatic drainage.

It can improve the condition and appearance of a wide range of skin concerns including:

  • Oily, congested skin including blocked pores and blackheads
  • Acne
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Dull, dehydrated skin
  • Slack Skin
  • Scarring
  • Dark circles around the eyes
  • Sun damage

This revolutionary treatment is no ordinary facial, offering instead up to 8 benefits in one session. With a bespoke treatment adjusted for your particular skin concerns, you can expect to see and feel instant as well as long-lasting results.

This nourishing treat for the skin can be used used as a one off boost for your skin, or as part of a treatment programme for a wide range of skin conditions.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

You will see immediate effects after a single treatment, but for optimum results, we would recommend a course of treatments, with the number depending on your skin condition.

Is There Any Downtime Needed After A Super Facial?

No downtime is needed and treatments take between 30 and 90 minutes depending on your choice of time. Our treatments are bespoke to you and your skin concerns, so no 2 treatments will be the same.

8in1 facial right for you


Removes all traces of debris, blackheads and dead skin cells whilst utilising a combination of 3 solutions to cleanse, smooth and hydrate the skin - all in one treatment.


PureGlo allows oxygen to be drawn into the skin. A reaction occurs between the capsules and the active ingredients, causing minute carbon dioxide bubbles on the skin.


Radio frequency technology is used to increase collagen reproduction and skin tightening, resulting in collagen and elastic production


Designed to nourish your skin and promote collagen growth by spraying highly concentrated oxygen molecules into the epidermis.


The Fire element heats the skin up to 45 degrees, opens pores and increases the blood supply and Ice with a temperature that can be reduced down to 5 degrees to close the pores and reduce inflammation


Ultrasound technology with 100-300 million vibrations per second, infusing product at the same time


Utilising microcurrent, often referred to as a natural facelift, reduces fine lines and wrinkles while firming your skin and defining your features. Improves muscle tone, reduce puffiness, increase cellular activity and tighten pores

To launch this amazing new addition to our salon, we are upgrading any treatment you book to the next level FREE OF CHARGE!


Book 60 min pay for 30 http://phore.st/p8HI1 £55 normally £95
Book 90 min pay for 60 http://phore.st/Ij4qC £95 normally £120

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